Learn To Stand Up Paddleboard At The Christiansburg Aquatic Center

WALK ON WATER! - Tangent Outfitters is providing a course on Stand Up Paddleboarding at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. 

When: April 3, 2011 5:00PM to 7:00PM 

Where: Christiansburg Aquatic Center  GOOGLE MAP LINK 

What: Stand Up Paddleboard is a Hawain sport that is spreading across the world.  The New River Valley has an abundance waterways that are perfect for Stand Up Paddleboarding.  This course at the Aquatic Center is the first step to getting out and Stand Up Paddleboarding on the New River and Claytor Lake!

This two hour paddleboarding adventure will start with teaching the following:
-Getting familiar with the parts of a stand up paddleboard and stand up paddle.
-Basic safety precautions when getting on and off a stand up paddleboard.
-How to wear your pfd
-On water safety
-Paddling on your knees and most importantly standing up to paddle and various stances.
-How to get back on the board in deep water.
-Effective forward stroke, back stroke, sweep stroke, J-stroke.
-How to paddle forward, spin, stop, brace, turn, and move sideways
-Last but not least everyone will have the opportunity to walk the nose of the board, just like surfing a wave on a long board!
-This Stand Up Paddleboard course will cover all the above and more. 

$65 per person - Contact Tangent Outfitters at: 540-626-4567 - Space is limited, please call as soon as possible.




201 Cascade Drive Pembroke VA, 24136 (540) 626-4567