NC Boat Show!

Come visit us at the Bass and Saltwater Fishing Expo!  We will be in Raleigh the next few days. Jan. 8-10.  At the State Fairgrounds in the Graham Building.

Thank you Tangent Outfitters

Recently I took a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains with some friends and family. This being my first time, I couldn't have been happier that Tangent Outfitters gave me the experience I was hoping for. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I heard I would be going. Thanks to Tangent, I don't think we could have squeezed in any more excitement.

My Mountain Trip

I just returned from the mountains in Pembroke and I'm already counting down the days till i get back.  This is the second time i have been up in the mountains and this one seemed even mor fun than last time.  My favorite part was when we went on a four hour kayaking trip.  Very tiring, but fun. Thank you so much Tangent.

Outer Bankers go to the Mountains


My Exciting Time in the Mountains

This trip to New River was even better than the year before.  First, we hiked up to the cascades.  Next, we went on a float boat and kayak trip with the help of Tangent Outfitters.  Lastly, we went on a three and half hour kayak trip.  Going to the mountains was amazing experience.  I hope we come back next year. Thank you Tangent Outfitters.

Fun in the mountains

I just returned from my second trip to the New River. I had so much fun! I am from the beach and you could guess that the mountains are a little foreign for some "surfer girl", but my experience was a great one. Without Tangent my trip would have not been possible, so thank you tangent!

2 day Canoe Trip on New River

June 26th & 27th, 2009

New River 6/26/09

The New River is going off!!!!  Summer fishing has arrived and the fluke bite is on.

Garden & Gun

Check out the article about float fishing the NewRiver in Garden & Gun magazine.  This is an awesome publication and a very good article about the river.

Fishing the New

I have been fishing the New for over 12 years. Living in SC, we only get here one time a year, but we always look forward to the trip. My son and I will be up on Friday to try fishing the canoe trip #6.
Can anyone tell me what the river is like today. It looks just a little high today but last week is was up several feet and It was probably muddy.
Thanks, Harold

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